What services can Minutes 4 Moms provide?

Minutes 4 Moms offers a variety of services including babysitting, tutoring, pet care, household chore assistance, and more!

Can I place a one-time request?

Yes! We have a wide variety of providers available for busy work days, date nights, and even days you just need a break.

What about long-term requests?

Absolutely. We work with many families to provide custom, long-term services throughout the school year and summer. Our providers book up quickly, so make sure to send in your long-term requests early! We will begin accepting requests for summer 2020 in November 2019, and requests for the 2020-21 school year in January 2020. Providers will be paid for their time when asked to meet with families in preparation for long term babysitting jobs.

What types of tutoring services does M4M provide?

We offer tutoring services for all grade levels and subjects, PreK and up. All of our tutors are certified teachers. Aside from our certified teachers, we also have student tutors who can effectively tutor at a lower rate. We even have certified ESOL teachers for families looking to help their English Language Learners prepare for school and progress more quickly.

Can I book a job at the last minute?

Yes, you can! We pride ourselves on being able to handle requests on short notice. However, due to the high demand for our sitters, all requests made within 48 hours of the start time of service will incur a Last Minute Booking Fee of $15. If we are unable to find a provider for you, the fee will be waived.

What is your cancellation policy? How does it differ between one-time and long-term jobs?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for all jobs. If a client cancels a job within 24 hours of start of service, a $15 Cancellation Fee will be charged in addition to one hour of pay for the scheduled sitter. For ride cancellations within 24 hours of start of service, a $7.50 Cancellation Fee will be charged in addition to half of the ride rate for the scheduled provider. We do not expect our providers to care for ill children and leave it up to the provider’s discretion in making the decision to do so.

Long term jobs and jobs spanning multiple days must be cancelled 2 weeks in advance. For long term jobs, a deposit equal to the cost of two weeks of service will be requested. If the job is cancelled with less than 2 weeks notice, the deposit will not be refunded. Up to 50% of the deposit may be credited if alternative, comparable work is secured for the scheduled provider.

What are your rates?

We have a 2-hour minimum for all babysitting jobs. Our hourly rates vary among different providers, ranging from $17/hr for high school sitters through $26/hr for certified teachers and health care providers. The base hourly rate for any provider applies for up to two children. Any number of children above two will increase the hourly rate by $2 per hour, per additional child. Please feel free to ask us for a specific sitter’s rate prior to booking.

When driving occurs along with babysitting, the client will not be charged separately for the ride. Rather, a fee, based on our formula, will be added to the regular hourly rate of the provider. We cannot provide rides for friends who are not registered members of an M4M family.

How do I pay?

We will send you payment requests via Venmo or Paypal (your choice) on a biweekly basis. You can simply pay the invoice through the Venmo app! If there is a reason you cannot use Venmo or Paypal, please email support@minutes4moms.com.

How do I make sure my sitter is clocking the correct times?

Our providers keep track of their shifts using our digital scheduling app that includes GPS. If you believe your invoice is not accurate, please text us or email support@minutes4moms.

What happens if a sitter cancels on me?

In the event a provider must cancel, we will immediately begin to work on finding another provider to fill in, when notified by you. It is up to you to contact us to let us know you would like us to find a substitute provider.

Can I work with my sitter outside of M4M?

M4M is a referral-based agency. Per our policy, M4M providers and clients are not permitted to work with one another without M4M’s knowledge and consent. Additionally, no payment should ever be made directly from a client to a provider. All payments will occur through Minutes 4 Moms. Clients may directly contact a provider to request service; however, this service must still occur with M4M’s knowledge and consent. Any violation of this policy will result in the client, and the provider, being removed from our service.

How do I sign up to be a client?

Fill out our new client form that can be found at minutes4moms.com/families. Make sure to read all of the information on the form when filling it out 🙂 You will receive an email with our Terms and Conditions Agreement for you to sign and return to us prior to service.

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