We have been serving the Central Maryland and the surrounding areas for five years. We proudly serve premier individualized care to our providers and families!

We offer an easy, stress-free process in which we connect families with amazing providers in order to create long-lasting relationships. 

Every family has different needs and requirements. We pride ourselves on diligently working to place a wonderful provider who fits each family’s distinctive criteria. 

“We offer you help from your friendly neighbors–local caregivers who are passionate about caring for children and helping you create time! We are here to assist with just about any service that will bring you peace of mind, including but most definitely not limited to babysitting, carpooling, grocery shopping, miscellaneous errands and household chores, tutoring, academic, sports, instrumental coaching, and much more. We provide an easy way for you to connect with top-quality help planned well in advance or with only a minute to spare!”

All of our providers must be connected to us personally or be referred by a Minutes 4 Moms provider within our network. Our meticulous screening process begins with a personal interview, followed by a thorough CJIS background check, fingerprinting, proof of insurance, MVA certified driving record, a current driver’s license, and a Maryland Judiciary Court records investigation.